Vahidreza molladavoudi, Inventor

Idea to invention

  • Learning ideation, creativity and innovation skills
  • Examining new innovations and inventions
  • How to search and search in databases in the field of inventions
  • The process of registering and editing the patent declaration in the intellectual property system
  • Membership process in the International Federation of Inventors – IFIA
  • The process of participating in international invention competitions
The idea-to-invention period is a crucial phase in the innovation process that involves transforming a concept or inspiration into a tangible invention. This period encompasses several key steps, starting with idea generation and exploration. During this stage, innovators brainstorm and conduct extensive research to identify potential gaps or problems that their invention can address. They gather information from various sources such as market trends, customer needs, and technological advancements, which helps them refine and shape their ideas into a viable concept.