Vahid Reza Molladavoudi


I’ve gone through a number of phases in my career, and each of them has informed my current work ethos and philosophy. I have excelled in a number of project management roles in diverse industries, and believe that my number one asset is my ability to adapt to any challenge that is thrown my way.

About Me

I'm a inv member of the World Federation of Inventors

I am Vahidreza Molladavoudi, a chemical engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor. I've always followed my enthusiasm and worked in the field of animal husbandry for almost 5 years. Finally, in 2018, I've been launching my own company in this field. Beyond the joy of supporting so many young innovators to explore their passions and skills, I am grateful for the opportunity that the innovation and invention world gave me as a junior inventor to expand my skills. I am dedicating this newest chapter of my life to exploring challenges in the innovation world and creating new impactful projects of my own.


I'm a lifelong learner, constantly updating my skills through workshops and conferences to achieve my resolution, which is the increasing my skills in the field of innovative businesses at the international stages and one day be able to share the importance of these skills with managers in any business field so that they can use these tools to develop their businesses. I believe by teamworking and sharing our experiences we can make a better world for the next generations

Education and Qualification:

  • Educational culture in innovation and invention course @ IFIA ACADEMY | 2022-2023 I’ve been trained for 340 hours with the following subjects:
    • Personal Branding and Development Skills Like an Inventor
    • Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding
    • Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation
    • How to Design A Succesful Business Model
    • Idea, Creativity, Innovation and Change
    • Innovation Frome Plan to Product
    • Genome of Success 360 Degrees
  • B.Sc., Chemical Engineering @ Islamic Azad University | 2011-2016

    Chemical Engineering is broad in terms of business, in addition to my interest in chemistry, I chose this field and applied the skills I acquired in the field of animal husbandry.


CEO at Sorin Ariaie Co. | 2019-Present

As the CEO of a private company, I have led teams to achieve outstanding results, driving growth, and profitability.

Sales and Commercial Expert at Xaniar Ariaie Co. | 2017-2019
Administrative Employee at Sang Kavan Saba Commercial Engineering Co. | 2012-2014

During this role, I became familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures.




As an advisor, I'm a person with a deeper knowledge of animal husbandry industries and utilize my expertise for the guidance and benefit of others.


Entrepreneurship is the field of the future that is beneficial to individuals as well as societies.

Problem Solving

I have good skills in understanding and solving problems due to working in different fields and gaining unique experiences.

Business Plan Design

My purpose is to help articulate a strategy for starting your business. And I also provide insight into steps to be taken, resources required for achieving your business goals, and a timeline of anticipated results.

Vahidreza molladavoudi, Inventor

Idea to invention

  • Learning ideation, creativity and innovation skills
  • Examining new innovations and inventions
  • How to search and search in databases in the field of inventions
  • The process of registering and editing the patent declaration in the intellectual property system
  • Membership process in the International Federation of Inventors – IFIA
  • The process of participating in international invention competitions
The idea-to-invention period is a crucial phase in the innovation process that involves transforming a concept or inspiration into a tangible invention. This period encompasses several key steps, starting with idea generation and exploration. During this stage, innovators brainstorm and conduct extensive research to identify potential gaps or problems that their invention can address. They gather information from various sources such as market trends, customer needs, and technological advancements, which helps them refine and shape their ideas into a viable concept.

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  • Tehran, Iran
  • Info@vahidrezamolladavoudi.com
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